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Welcome to Proscubadiving 


Besides the exciting diving and snorkeling programs we also offer extensive diving courses. We educate according standards of three organizations: PADI, CMAS and SSI for all levels. Our team of international instructors teaches in, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish,Russian, Polish & Arabic. Other languages available on request

PADI Bubblemaker


Kids - bring your parents diving! For young adventurers like you,
the Bubblemaker program is an introduction to the thrill of breathing underwater. If you´re eight or nine years of age, now is your chance to take the plunge with a Instructor and go diving. Whether it´s a glass of milk, bubble gum or submerged beneath the surface - you can´t help blowing bubbles! So try blowing bubbles our way.
We have, of course, special extra small equipment for children

PADI Bubblemaker
approx. 2-3 hours
Elementary theory lessons,
1 introductory dive in the pool
or in confined water to a max. depth of 2 meters.
Minimum age 8 years

PADI Discover Scuba Diving


This one-day course can be best described as an expedition into the underwater world. In the morning the participants meet at the diving center. There is a maximal ratio of four persons per diving-instructor. The basic knowledge about diving will be imparted in an easy way. After that you will start with the practical part of the course, where you learn i.e. to set up your diving equipment. You will do your first underwater exercises at our house reef, followed by your first dive in the sea from one of our comfortable boats. After this varied day you will surely have a first idea about the beauty and fascination of the underwater world.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving I Duration: 1/2 day Contents: 1 knowledge development session confined water and one Dive from Beach PADI Discover Scuba Diving III Duration: 1 day Contents: 1 knowledge development session confined water and two Dives from Boat Requirements: Swimmer Minimum age of 10 years

PADI Scuba Diver 

The Scuba Diver Course is an ideal opportunity for holidaymaker, who would like to do more than a one-day course, but do not have enough time to participate in a complete Open Water Diver Course. Join a regular Open Water Diver Course. After 3 days, finishing 3 of 5 modules, the course ends with the Scuba Diver certification. This certification enables you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters under direct supervision of a diving instructor

PADI Scuba Diver Duration: 2 - 3 days Contents: 3 knowledge development sessions 3 confined water dives 2 open water dives from boat Requirements: Swimmer Minimum age 10 years

PADI Open Water Diver

Have you ever dreamt of flying, or of floating weightlessly in the water like a fish? Learning to scuba dive will let you feel just that, as well as many other new impressions. You will experience the rich marine life of the Red Sea right from the very start of this course. You will be accompanied by professional scuba diving instructors for the duration of the course (4 - 5 days), who all meet our high standard of professionalism. We also offer special courses for children as of 10 years of age. We have, of course, special extra small equipment for children.

Refresher Course

You have not been diving for some time ? You had no chance, or simply no holiday? You don’t feel quite so sure of yourself any more? In this case we recommend that you take a one day Refresher-Course. Your diving instructor will work with you in an easy and relaxed manner to refresh your theoretical and practical skills.

Refresher - Review Duration: aprox. 1/2 day Contents: Discussion on rules and procedures 1 dive with a Divemaster from the beach with skills Requirements: Certified diver


Maybe you have started a scuba diving course back home, and you have found the ideal place for your theoretical and pool training, but would prefer to do the necessary open water dives rather in the warm waters of the Red Sea. We offer you ideal conditions : You arrive at our dive-center, receive your gear, and - if possible - you can start on the very same day (or the next one), and refresh your pool skills right in the waters of the Red Sea together with your diving Instructor. All subsequent open water dives will take place off a boat.

Referral Duration: 2 - 3 days Contents: Updating theoretical knowledge Practical exercises in confined open water Diving off the boat Requirements: Completed theoretical education and pool exercises

PADI Adventure Diver


The PADI Adventure Diver programme is an exciting way to try new areas of diving under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. This course is designed to further your diving experience under the supervision of a professional instructor. You will do three dives (choosing from a number of possibilities including wreck diving, drift diving, deep diving, photography and more…) This certification can be upgraded to the advanced diver certification at a later date.

PADI Adventure Diver Duration: 3 dives Contents: Updating of skills and knowledge 3 dives with emphasis on specific subjects Theoretical instruction Requirements: Minimum age 12 years Diving certificate

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

You may start an Advanced Course right after completion of the Open Water Course, or during your next diving holiday which you are planning with us, and thus widen your skills. Your diving instructor will guide you surely through the five specialties of the Advanced Divers‘ program, including navigation with different aids, buoyancy to perfection, night dives, diving in currents, fish identification, searching and recovery. These are the main topics that we teach in our Advanced Courses. For the duration of the Advanced Course we lend you a diving computer free of charge. If you would like to take photos or film under water, or if you would like to dive at a shipwreck, please tell us, and we will arrange your course to suit your requirements

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Duration: 5 dives Contents: Updating of skills and knowledge 5 dives with emphasis on specific subjects Theoretical instruction Requirements: Minimum age 12 years Diving certificate

Rescue Diver & Emergency First Response


If you have gathered some diving experience, you may have encountered some situations where you were not sure whether to intervene or not. You would like to be able to help and assist other divers. The Course for Rescue Divers offers you comprehensive training in stress avoidance, emergency management, and rescue diving. You will learn, together with the other participants, to deal with various scenarios of emergency situations. You should have taken a First Aid course (possibly in your home country) which should have included reanimation of heart and lungs. Please bring along the certification of this course. Otherwise you can still take Emergency First Response here in combination with the Rescue Diver. Diving Hurghada Rescue Diver & Emergency First Response with Colona

Rescue Diver & Emergency First Response Duration: 3 to 4 days Contents: Practical and theoretical instruction in rescue operations Practical exercises The Emergency First Response course can be taken in combination with the Rescue course Dives Requirements: PADI: Advanced Open Water Diver Min. 20 loged dives Min. age 12 years (Junior) Emergency First Response or certificate in Heart & Lung Reanimation (not older than 2 years)

Enriched Air NITROX

The Nitrox Course deepens on your knowledge about oxygen/nitrogen, and you learn how you can spend more time under water. On this day you will learn with your specially trained instructor direct on the boat to use of the special Nitrox tables, and how to determine the oxygen content of the tank. You will be able to use your newly acquired skills on the same day of the course by diving off a boat.

Enriched Air NITROX Duration: 1 - 2 days Contents: Theory & 2 dives with Nitrox tanks Requirements: Open Water Diver

PADI Divemaster ( DM )

In embarking on the PADI Divemaster course, a trainee undertakes to learn the skills and techniques that will prepare him to take responsibility for other divers. As an aide to an instructor, a Divemaster works with students at all levels and of varying abilities, taking charge of groups of divers in training, while the instructor carries out individual instruction. As a professional dive guide, the duties are not only to prepare the group for a particular dive site, and to show essential and interesting aspects of it, but to take responsibility for the general safety and behaviour of individual group members.

These are serious but rewarding responsibilities that require very specialised skills and knowledge, and should not be taken lightly. From this level upwards, students will be expected to call upon and apply all of their acquired skills in a very different way – in a professional way